This is Ardwolf’s wholesale marketplace for wholesalers, distributors and retailers  to buy or sell products.
Our wholesale sites are located all over the world.

Ardwolf offers one-stop e-commerce solutions for wholesalers, distributors and retailers around the world. No matter what your business forms are, we can always find the proper distributing solutions between us.

Why Choose Us?

We have mature promotion channels, zero inventory support, massive R&D production line and perfect service system.

1.Marketing Support

We are currently cooperating with these platforms: (Amazon, Ebay, Newegg)

2.R&D Production Line

Ardwolf is an original design manufacturer (ODM) with a massive production line and strong supply capacity.

3.Considerate After-sales Service

Ardwolf team provides considerate after-sales & customized service to handle problems from our partners.

How to wholesale Ardwolf product?

It can’t be easier, simply contact us, our salesperson will reply you with more details.


Skpye: tracy-gaoke

WhatsApp: 86 135 1018 2302

What information can you get about the order?

1.Product Samples

We provide product samples. You could request a sample before placing a bulk order.

2.Payment & Shipping Payment Method

We can offer all kinds of payment terms, such as:

3. Shipping Method

We can offer all kinds of shipping options, such as:


All Ardwolf products support one year’s warranty.


We thrive on customer feedback. Customer observations, ideas and suggestions are where many of our products originated. We encourage you to point out areas that we can improve and love to receive complements!


We have service staff that can provide you professional customer services. For any problems or feedbacks, please feel free to contact us at
Join our wholesale program, and you will have the chance to distribute one great brand with less effort but more profits. Let’s be Ardwolf wholesaler!